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Radio Globalistic
Radio Globalistic

La Chango Family
Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2007
20:30 Uhr
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La Chango Family - wenn der Begriff Mestizo auf eine Band zutrifft, dann auf dieses Kollektiv aus Montreal, Canada. Die 12 MusikerInnen kommen aus den verschiedensten kulturellen Zusammenhängen und haben dementsprechend auch einen sehr unterschiedlichen musikalischen Background. Reggae und Ska machen sich hier auf die Reise. Nach Mexico und Cuba und weiter nach Brasilien mit einem Abstecher nach Nigeria und den Senegal und einem Stop im Maghreb. Mit anderen Worten: La Chango Family machen modernen Worldbeat. Gesungen wird in Französisch, Spanisch und Englisch, aber auch in Wolof und Arabisch. In den letzten 6 Jahren hat die Band über 600 Auftritte in Europa und Canada gespielt. Darunter die großen Festivals, wie das Montreux Jazz Festival. Dort gewannen sie quasi nebenbei noch den Publikumspreis für die beste Live-Band. Nun kommen La Chango Family endlich das erste Mal auf Deutschland Tour und treten an das Publikum auch hier mit diesem kuriosen musikalischen Cocktail zu verzaubern. radioglobalistic empfiehlt: Auf keinen Fall verpassen!!!

La Chango Family is a Montreal based band which plays what is generically called 'world beat' music, mestizo or patchanka because no one single label describes their sound and everyone has a different opinion of what it is. From the plaintive voice of gypsy violin, to raucous ska-punks, groovy funk and mellow reggae, all find their way in La Chango's music. The texts are sung in french, spanish and english as well as wolof, arab and a few other, very often in the same song.

This road tested collective does its best work live and has played over 600 shows in their first 6-7 years, with approximately 100 shows in europe including stages at Montreux Jazz festival (winning the public choice award in 2004 and closing off the festival in 2005), Esperanzah!, ReggaeSunska as well as the Francofolies at la Rochelle, Spa and Montreal on many occasions.
The road is also where the band writes and tries out their newest material, honing it down in concert before putting it down on cd (while also releasing limited edition bootlegs beforehand).

The band has stayed true to its original intentions of using music as a social catalyst and not to sell laundry detergent, whether it be at the Quebec 2001 summit or cancelling a Barcelona gig in 2005 to play in support of a Confederation paysanne court case, doing the right thing always takes precedence over the easy thing. Instead of preaching their beliefs and ideals, they encourage young people to take action, express themselves and stand up for what they believe in, not allowing themselves to be manipulated but rather educated.
Over the years, the geometrically variable configurations have seen the band also perform accoustically as Chango Family Akustik Stylee and Los Changolos to the more elaborate Chango Family Soundsystem and Chango Family Circus, (enhanced by 7-8 circus performers).

| 2007 | EUROPE |
To celebrate their fifth year touring EUROPE, the band will be based in the south west (wine region!!) of France and will play over 50 club dates and festivals in France, Spain, Galicia, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Germany in 2007 from late-April to the beginning until the end of summer.
Afterwards, the band will go into the studio to record the new CD based on the new songs played in 2006 and the new songs that will be introduced in concert in '07.

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